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It is a non-formal education organization established to complement formal education in order to contribute to the revival of handicrafts and family economies, to respond to the general education needs of our citizens residing within the scope of the Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality Art Vocational Training Courses (ESMEK), to provide dexterity in various fields, to contribute to their professional and personal development, to offer alternative programs for their leisure time.


Contributing to the raising of happy and modern individuals by making our education centers, which serve with the understanding of social municipality, constantly becoming the preferred education centers in Eskişehir.


In line with our principles, to implement knowledge, skills, arts, sports and vocational training programs effectively and efficiently, to provide training services in line with the expectations, abilities and needs of our trainees, and to prepare suitable environments that will meet their social, cultural and economic needs.


They can be listed as children, women, men, young people, the unemployed, those who have a job and want to improve themselves in their profession, gain a new hobby, art and skill, the retirees and those who want to improve themselves and contribute to their family economy.


It covers many areas such as non-formal education activities, exhibitions, talks, concerts, excursions, seminars, sales of trainee products, cultural and social events. The activities are carried out with the instructors of the Universities, Non-Governmental Organizations and ESMEK.

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